Did you have a convict who was at Bungonia or at the Towrang Stockade?

Convict Connections is currently preparing an index to the convicts who were living and working in the Bungonia area. Moira McGinity and the late Ann Smith compiled a great deal of information on many of those convicts, and their work is available in the Goulburn Library. An index to those convicts may just help someone locate an ancestor who seemed to “missing”  from the records for a period of time.

In 1832, plans were drawn up for a new village near Inverary, and allotments at Bungonia were offered for sale in March 1833. The Great South Road was to go through the village, but the route was altered and it went through Goulburn instead. 

The Towrang Stockade was twelve miles north of Goulburn. While the road was being constructed, Towrang was the main convict camp in the southern district and housed around 250 convicts. If you can help with a compilation of convicts who were at Towrang, please contact us at convictconnections@yahoo.com.au

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